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This is an educational wellness program and not a substitute for medical care or advice. We ask that you consult your medical provider before engaging in this program, and again if any questions or complications arise. Not advised for those with untreated eating disorders. Participation in this "Self Service" program does not include support from Dr. Laura Paris or her staff.

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Reclaim Your Cycle module

This Reclaim Your Cycle module starts on August 1, 2021. Sign up early to give you time to prepare and get your labs back.

Upgrade to the full program here: Reclaim Your Hormones


This is a 4-week Functional Hormone Balance program packed with meaningful content that is easy to follow.

You’ll assess and regulate all four phases of your menstrual cycle (follicular, ovulation, luteal, menstruation). 

You’ll harness your hormone levels with blood labs, basal body temperature, and signs of ovulation.

You’ll learn how to support your mind and body during each phase of your cycle, and hone in on the phases that need help, to heal PMS, PMDD, period pain, cramps, spotting, and short or irregular cycles.

The self-service option is one payment of $179. You’ll receive all 4 weeks of content, with 3 lessons per week, meaningful action steps, and downloadable tracking journals and guides. The content is released one week at a time, over 4 weeks.

Access is for 30 days.

See what this Reclaim Your Cycle module includes.